Machine learning can detect hate speech and violence

The spread of fake news and hateful content is one of the most debated topics right now. As machine learning techniques become more and more sophisticated, numerous fields have begun to utilise these techniques. In her PhD, text and data analyst Myriam Munezero has studied machine learning models that can detect antisocial behaviours. In this …

Meet our first prototype – Valtteri the election bot

After several months of intensive work, the Immersive Automation team is now ready to present its first prototype, Valtteri the election bot. Just in time for the municipal elections in Finland, Valtteri writes short pieces of news based on the election results. In this blogpost, you can learn more about how and why Valtteri was …

Immersive Automation – Project themes

The Immersive Automation-project is a research consortium where data scientists, linguists, and journalists work together with researchers and media companies to bring forward a solution for producing engaging, data driven content. Our aim is to create a roadmap and a demonstration of a future news ecosystem based on automated storytelling, intense audience engagement, and user experience. The duration of the project is until end of May 2018.

Data specification

Identification and categorisation of data sources. Special focus on identification of relevant structured data for editorial use.

Automation of news production

Development of methods for automated text generation, as well as provision of models for the structure of news stories.

User engagement

Focus group tests for automatically generated content.

News ecosystem

Development of an ecosystem where technical, organizational, as well as commercial levels are both conceptualised and demonstrated.

Development of skills

Training selected journalists in computational thinking, algorithmic news production, and editorial tools based on automation.



The Researchers are presented on the The Research Team-page.


Immersive Automation is funded by The Finnish Funding Agency of Innovation Tekes, The Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, the media companies involved as well as the research organisations participating in the project.




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Primary contact persons

Project lead
Carl-Gustav Lindén, Swedish School of Social Science
carlgustavl @ gmail . com

Caj Södergård, VTT
caj.sodergard @ vtt . fi

Hannu Toivonen, University of Helsinki
hannu.toivonen @ helsinki . fi


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