What is news automation?

Immersive Automation is probably one of the biggest research and development projects in the field in the world right now. The project aims at automating news production, and is looking for new ways of making it more automatic. It also looks at the ecosystem of news production.

Every day we have tiny robots do more and more things for us. But again, we decide what they do, and we decide how we use them.

See our short presentation video with some thoughts presented by our team:


Improved News Generation Bot, Valtteri 2.0 – Soon Reporting Both Crime and Election News

During early Summer of 2018, the Immersive Automation project will debut Valtteri 2.0. This will be an improved version from the election news generation bot that we released in April 2017 (see http://www.vaalibotti.fi). In addition to language improvements, Valtteri 2.0 will showcase its ability to generate news articles in a new domain, i.e., crime statistics, …

Will robots write the news a hundred years from now?

The original text for this blogpost is an article that post-doc researcher Lauri Haapanen wrote for The Institute for the Languages of Finland. The automation of news has been in the pipeline for decades. However, it still humans that are writing the news. Why is that so? The most apparent challenge for automation is language. Algorithms …

Why great ideas fail – the story of Nearhood

Nearhood was a platform for hyperlocal journalism. While some scholars and analysts say media consumers are increasingly interested in hyperlocal news, why did Nearhood not become a success story? During the Immersive Automation project’s second workshop for media partners, senior lecturer John Grönvall from Arcada University of Applied Sciences used a case study as a …

Immersive Automation – Project themes

The Immersive Automation-project is a research consortium where data scientists, linguists, and journalists work together with researchers and media companies to bring forward a solution for producing engaging, data driven content. Our aim is to create a roadmap and a demonstration of a future news ecosystem based on automated storytelling, intense audience engagement, and user experience. The duration of the project is until end of May 2018.

Data specification

Identification and categorisation of data sources. Special focus on identification of relevant structured data for editorial use.

Automation of news production

Development of methods for automated text generation, as well as provision of models for the structure of news stories.

User engagement

Focus group tests for automatically generated content.

News ecosystem

Development of an ecosystem where technical, organizational, as well as commercial levels are both conceptualised and demonstrated.

Development of skills

Training selected journalists in computational thinking, algorithmic news production, and editorial tools based on automation.



The Researchers are presented on the The Research Team-page.


Immersive Automation is funded by The Finnish Funding Agency of Innovation Tekes, The Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, the media companies involved as well as the research organisations participating in the project.




info @ immersiveautomation.com

Primary contact persons

Project lead
Carl-Gustav Lindén, Swedish School of Social Science
carlgustavl @ gmail . com

Caj Södergård, VTT
caj.sodergard @ vtt . fi

Hannu Toivonen, University of Helsinki
hannu.toivonen @ helsinki . fi


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